Cutting Edge Technology and Equipment

Our facilities boast some of the latest equipment and technologies, to help accelerate your recovery or manage your condition. Some of these include:


Anti-gravity treadmill
Helps to shorten recovery time, improve mobility and reduce injury.


Gait analysis
Analyse biomechanics and helps to identify why pain is occurring.


Spinal strengthening technology
To help strengthen core muscles.


Shockwave therapy
To stimulate healing of muscles.


Red laser treatment
To accelerate wound healing.


Premium gym and exercise equipment
Ensuring you have quality equipment at your disposal.


A unique unweighting anti-gravity treadmill based on NASA technology which helps shorten recovery times, reduce injury, and improve mobility for patients – all while minimising pain and stress on injuries.


Medical evidence reveals that patients with persistent spinal pain are significantly deconditioned. Core muscles, designed to support the spine, get inhibited by pain-producing weakness and instability. DBC offers unique spinal-strengthening technology to specifically tackle this. It isolates specific, deep, core muscles surrounding the spine in both the lower back and neck, training these muscles within a controlled, pain-free range of movement and loading. The data collected gives accurate measurements of spinal range of motion and power so a progressive programme can be implemented and measured.

Gait Analysis

This high-tech sensitive treadmill analyses the biomechanics of the lower limb and helps identify why a patient is experiencing pain on mobilising and how to improve gait and function.


Assists with standing and walking to give neurological patients confidence. LiteGait provides proper posture, reduces weight-bearing and eliminates concern for balance, and facilitates the training of lower extremity movement.

Other equipment includes

Megapulse electrotherapy, red laser treatment to accelerate wound healing, continual passive motion, Biodex Balance SD, GameReady (ice and compression), premium gymnasium and exercise equipment, physiology and fitness testing, body composition analysis, Moveo platforms (neurological), Bioness electrical stimulation.